I began my working life in the summer of 1989, as an Administration Assistant in the newly-formed IT Department of a large publishing company in London, Morgan-Grampian Plc. Six months later I was promoted to the position of Secretary on Electronic Engineering, a highly respected trade publication for the electronics industry, where I stayed for 4 years before problems with my spine prevented me from working any longer.


Wind forward to 2013 and after years of treatment I was feeling able to begin my working life again on a part-time basis. I would frequently help family and friends with all of the services listed on this site, so after much encouragement I felt I should start out on my own and offer these services to anyone that would like to save some money but doesn’t have the time or know-how to do so, while earning myself a little bit of pocket money too.


I am thoroughly enjoying helping others to save money in the way I have taught myself over the past few years at home. My keen interest in the world of technology began at Morgan-Grampian and as soon as I was given an old PC by my father to use at home, I began to teach myself how to use the internet and the wonders of Microsoft Windows!

You never forget secretarial skills - it's like riding a bike - and I am so grateful that I am able to use them again after all these years to get me back into the world of work.


Please link to my 'Testimonials' page for quotes from customers I have worked for since I began in March 2013, and take a look at my Facebook page by clicking here.


I am located in Hempstead, near Gillingham in Kent.


Please contact me any time should you feel I could be of use to you or anyone you know that may be interested in my services or any sort of consumer advice.




Please note that I would be acting as your representative when administrating deals on your behalf, therefore any contract made will be solely between you and the company providing the goods/services to you.