• I have assisted a Kent businesswoman in launching a new healthy food product by creating and managing the website and social networking presence to create awareness and market the product effectively.


  • I managed the accounts for a local publishing company.


  • I have researched information for a local businesswoman and put together a slideshow for her to use at a presentation with prospective clients. I have also researched new technology options for her business, saving her precious time to work on managing her clients' needs.

  • A local childminder employs me to help her keep her business paperwork up to date, as policies change on a regular basis.


  • I have produced a number of CV's for various people in differing work environments.


  • I assist a number of clients with their household administration to help them ensure their personal affairs are in order and that they are not being charged a premium for household bills and other expenses.


  • I have composed complaint letters for clients who have a grievance with a product/supplier and assisted them with ensuring they get what they deserve.



Administration examples