Do you wash some items at 60 degrees to rid them of bugs & bacteria? This 'Which' washing machine article interestingly dispels that myth - could save on your electricity bill too!


New research proves you can save as much as £100 a year by turning down the brightness on your TV. Apparently, high brightness also reduces the picture quality on high definition TV’s, so try lowering it – you could save up to £8 a month.


If you have a person living in your home who is over the age of 75, you don't need a TV licence, regardless of the age of all the other residents.


If you park on private land & are unlucky enough to receive a Parking Charge Notice, go to for advice on appealing the charge. Be aware you do not have to pay these charges if you feel they are unfair - the company that produced the notice would have to take you to court to prove they had acted fairly to force you to pay the fine.


A little tip if you or family members suffer from hay fever (it's honestly worked for me for the last few years) - DON'T HANG YOUR WASHING OUT ON THE LINE! Pollen gets stuck in the fibres of your clothes, which you then breathe in when you wear the items. If you really can't stop hanging it out (and I know that smell of line-dried washing is lovely!), make sure you bring it in by 4pm as the pollen is at its worst early evening, and don't hang your bedding on the washing line, otherwise you'll be sleeping every night breathing in loads of pollen grains, making you feel lousy and drowsy day and night!


If you don't like receiving unwanted leaflets etc. with your post, email your name and address to and you will be sent a form to fill out and return to Royal Mail - they will stop delivering promotional material to your house for 2 years once actioned.


If you think there’s a chance you’ll have to pay back some or all of the child benefit you’ve received since January 2013 (when the benefit became means-tested), my advice would be to open a savings account (or even an ISA) to pay that money into every 4 weeks once it’s received.  If you do have to pay it all back, you’ll have the money there but with a bit of interest that you can keep, and if you don’t have to pay it all or even any of it back, you’ve saved some money which you can use to treat the family once you’re sure it’s yours!


We often hear of people going bankrupt, but is it an easy way out? The article 'Is bankruptcy a way out of debt' from Money Dashboard does it’s best to answer that question in simple terms.


Changes to the law mean wheel clamping (and towing cars away) is now banned in car parks on private land. The only caveat is if local by-laws give landowners the right to clamp or tow away vehicles which could be in areas like stations, ports or airports.


Apparently, if you under-insure yourself, you could get zero back if you make a claim. Insurers are within their rights to refuse your claim if it is over the original sum insured, and you could end up with them refusing to pay out, with just a refund of your premium.


If you have a second hand car, check to ensure there have been no dangerous faults discovered on the model since it was built, which may apply to your vehicle. Should you find a recall that could apply, call your local dealer who will be able to advise you.  Better to be safe than sorry!


Have you ever gone over your mobile data allowance & ended up with a hefty ‘phone bill at the end of the month? The best way to avoid this is to have your 3G turned on only when you need to use it, and ensure you use Wi-Fi whenever and wherever you can.  If you’re unsure of how to turn your 3G on and off, please ask and I will do my best to advise you – there is almost always a way.


Did you know that anyone selling an item for more than £35 during an unannounced visit to your door must give full written instructions of cancellation rights, such as notice of a 7-day cooling-off period. Anyone selling at your door without offering these rights would be committing a criminal offence.


Ever thought of nominating a Lasting Power of Attorney in case you were unable to look after your finances yourself? Read the Government guide to Lasting Power of Attorney for more information.


Some of these tips are brilliant – worth taking a few minutes to read - 101 household tips for every room!


If you use oil to heat your home and find it is increasingly becoming more and more expensive, you may want to join an ‘Oil Club’. More information available from the Citizens Advice Bureau page on Oil Clubs.


I’ve become aware of a fantastic new invention called an ‘Aspod’, a small device designed to be carried around with you that contains an emergency dose of aspirin in case of a suspected heart attack. Could be a potential lifesaver! Only £4.95 inc. P&P through their website – click Aspod to find out more.


If you're fed up with junk mail, be sure to tick the box to 'Opt out of the Edited Register' on your next electoral registration form - it won't stop it, but could help to reduce it.


Want to buy a gift voucher for a special someone, but don’t know which one?  Go to your local Post Office and buy a One4All gift voucher, valid at the vast majority of major retailers, no expiry date and the recipient can check their balance online.