If you've paid for something like a new passport, to file your tax returns or to apply for an EHIC, you could have been caught out by a 'copycat' website. These are websites that often come top in Google sponsored searches but that charge for services you could get for free direct from the official website. Read more about copycat websites who charge for free services here.


Don't allow yourself to be stung with a huge credit card bill by your kids downloading music, apps or making in-app purchases on your Apple devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod) - NEVER give them your password and NEVER keep your credit card details saved on your AppleID account. You may have to enter them each time you want to download something, but it's a small price to pay to know you're avoiding a potentially expensive shock!


If you have an Apple device your children play with and you’re worried about possible shock charges due to unknowingly making in-app purchases, tap ‘Settings’ – ‘General’ – ‘Restrictions’ and turn off ‘In-App Purchases’. Then scroll down a little, click on ‘Require Password’ and choose ‘Immediately’.


Do you pay for your antivirus software? I recommend 'Microsoft Security Essentials', and if you have children, it's 'Family Safety' software. Both free from Microsoft on this link (which is worth spending 5 minutes reading), there's really no need for expensive annual antivirus subscriptions. NB It's best to run just 1 antivirus package at a time.


If you have a Windows 8 computer or are maybe thinking of buying one, are you aware that it has it's own inbuilt security software which means you could be wasting your money if you were to buy costly extra security? If you're tempted by the hard sales push for these optional extras, read this 'Which' article to help you decide if you really want to part with more money or not.


Never share anything online that you wouldn't want your parents/grandparents/children/employer/customers (I could go on!) to see - even if it's deleted, someone could have taken a screenshot of it & it will be out of your control forever.


If you ever come across criminal content online, i.e. child abuse images, please report it immediately to the Internet Watch Foundation.


Ensure you keep your computer software up to date, as failure to do this can result in issues with security and performance. If a notification that an update is available is displayed on your screen, as long as the publisher of that update is recognisable to you (i.e. Microsoft, Apple, Adobe etc.), my advice would be to run the update as soon as possible.


Tips on how to create secure passwords online.


If you are buying online, check the site has a secure payment page – the page address should start ‘https’ and may have a padlock on the payment screen.


If you’re ever unsure of the legitimacy of a website, especially one you’re thinking of buying from, get an idea of how safe it is from – just type the web address in the search bar and some information to help to decide will appear.


Tried a bit of selling on eBay, but really can’t seem to get it right? Read’s 40 eBay Selling Tricks.