Do you always buy a branded product when it comes to medication? You can usually buy own-brand medicines with the same active ingredient a lot cheaper. For example, on one particular day, a well-known brand box of 16x200mg Ibuprofen Tablets was available for £2.10 at, while a box of Boots Value Health 16x200mg Ibuprofen Tablets was just 40p. The only difference you’ll experience is the branded version are likely to be easier to swallow, but the price difference may not be! Ask at your pharmacy if there is a generic version of the medication you require and they should be able to find you a cheaper version, although some medications are patented for up to 20 years so are only available branded until their patent expires.


Set up an account with Quidco or TopCashback, then link from one of their websites when shopping online & earn yourself a few pennies back for the privilege! Cashback payments take a long while to come through but once they start coming, they give you a little bit extra to put in your pocket every now and then.


It's reported that impulse buying affects your bank balance more than income, education, social class and financial savvy combined. Read these tips on how to prevent impulse buying.


Unsure of your rights when it comes to returning goods? Print this ‘Consumer Rights Mini-Guide’ to keep somewhere handy, where it will always be if you need it.


Want to know your rights if a delivery fails to arrive? Read 'Your delivery doesn't show up. What are your rights?' from Money Dashboard.


For tips on how to get a discount on your broadband, see Which's guide 'How to get a broadband discount'.


Do you auto-renew when your car insurance renewal reminder arrives? You could save yourself some hard-earned cash if you took some time to compare quotes – you could be surprised how much you could save.


People who purchase fake items could be supporting organised crime or terrorist groups, as well as risking their own health (you have no idea what has been used to create that fake perfume, for example). There is a complex web of international crime behind producing and selling fakes, as people exploit workers, use child labour, launder money and employ trafficked workers to sell goods on the streets.


Are you a ‘ROBO-shopper’ – Research Offline, Buy Online? If you buy the wrong colour or size of an item in-store and decide to return it, the retailer is under no obligation to refund or exchange your item unless it is faulty. However, if you buy that same item from the very same retailer online, you have a 7-day no-fault refund right. Just be aware that you would be liable for any return costs, so my advice is to buy from a high street store’s website and if you change your mind, you can usually return it in store at no extra cost! That way, you’re also protecting the high street too! :-)


Sign up for a ‘my John Lewis’ membership card, and receive lots of rewards including a free cuppa and cake every month!


Join the ‘myWaitrose’ loyalty programme and get many rewards including 10% off 100’s of products and a free cuppa every day!


If you pay by credit card via PayPal, Section 75 protection won't apply, as technically you're not using the card to buy the goods or services, but to charge a PayPal account.