Projected annual savings for past clients (all domestic contracts) have ranged from £62 to £653 per year! More often than not, there is usually also a cashback offered from the comparison sites of at least £15, on top of the quoted projected saving.


The following is a simple list of the information I require from clients, to enable me to proceed with sourcing new energy contract possibilities:


* Current provider and tariff name (i.e. Standard, Clear & Simple, EnergyOnline, Fixed Price, etc. )

* The amount of energy in KwH (kilowatts per hour), or in Pounds Sterling, you've used over the last year (if you're unsure of how to get this information, let me know and I'll do my best to assist you)

* Your house number and postcode

* Whether you pay by monthly direct debit, quarterly direct debit or quarterly cash/cheque


* Whether you receive a paper bill or manage your account online

I currently charge £15 for the administration of this service.


Source energy deals