I manage on some of my clients' behalf, or help them to manage, the following devices:


  • iPhone

  • iPad

  • iPod

  • Mobile 'phone

  • Tablet

  • PC

  • Laptop

  • SatNav


If the gadget you require assistance with isn't listed, please ask - I am always happy to take on a new challenge to help my clients.


I have performed basic maintenance on a number of laptops/PC's to enhance their performance once they have become frustratingly slow and/or when unrecognisable pop-ups have begun to appear.  I have left all my clients for whom I have performed this maintenance very happy, with the worrying thought of having to pay out for a costly new computer gone from their minds.


I charge £50 to perform basic maintenance on PCs/laptops brought to me, or £20 per hour of my time for me to visit a client's home/premises.

Technical support