Pat - Rochester

  • "All has transferred nicely - thanks again for all your help, of which I couldn't have done without."

Mick, hiittheparkfitness.co.uk - Hempstead

  • "Jo helped me set up my new company and website, she also debugs my laptop on a regular basis. Very clever girl. Highly recommended."


Mel - Rainham

  • "Jo is such a computer Whizz!  I had a problem with my Tesco account being hacked and all my Clubcard vouchers being spent by a fraudster. I knew Jo would know exactly what to do!  Her help, advice & knowledge has been much appreciated as she guided me through how to update & secure all my different accounts.  She then also fixed a problem with outgoing emails from my phone & settings to protect my online security. Amazing lady - professional, kind & extremely hands-on! Thank you Jo! You've turned my day around."


Louise - Bredhurst

  • "Brilliant service, a great help. Definitely recommend to friends and family."


Sylvia - Hempstead

  • "Jo has helped me on several occasions, with my iPhone, laptop, typing policies etc. She is very professional in her work. I would thoroughly recommend her work to anyone, her knowledge is brilliant."


Steve - Rainham

  • "Jo very kindly spent this afternoon investigating an issue with my laptop, backing up all my data and transferring onto another laptop (which she then tweaked to be more user friendly for me) while she took a deeper look at what my problem was and eventually fixed.  While we were waiting for the laptop updates, she gave me a much needed tutorial on my iPhone (which had been password locked for days...), reset my password and set up my iCloud etc. I cannot recommend Jo highly enough - not only does she provide her services at a very affordable rate, she is patient and calm and nothing is too much trouble. Jo explains in simple terms what she is doing and why and offers valuable advice based on her skills and experience. Everybody needs a Jo!"


Sam - Canterbury

  • "Fantastic research and sound advise by Jo. A very professional service."


Julia - Darland

  • "Jo is a great friend who works hard to save people much needed cash on things like your electric/gas bills, car and house insurance and lots more! Whatever you need she's up for the challenge. In the last 2 years she has saved me (no exaggeration) hundreds of pounds with my amenities. I don't always have the time or the will to keep finding the best buy and I gratefully, for a small fee, pass the baton to Jo.  She's also a whizz at speeding up and giving tired laptops a boost. Mine's there right now getting some much needed TLC! She's professional and very good at what she does. I can't praise her enough. If you need any help give Jo a shout. I promise you'll be very pleased with her results."


Angela - Rainham

  • "Thanks for all your help sorting out computer and getting Andy's music all in one place ... great service provided by you!"


Dorcas - Sittingbourne

  • "Great service!! Our computer is working like new - thanks Jo."


Bob - Maidstone

  • "Just such a fantastic help and support! Five stars is an understatement!"


Bev - Chatham

  • "Bang, smack up-to-date with all useful info, for everyone. She's a keeper!"


Claire, 'Where D'ya Get That Catering Services' - Gillingham

  • "I can highly recommend Jo's services for, among other things, designing websites or just sorting out the mess I make of mine trying to amend it! Thanks Jo, top job yet again, I am very impressed. Feel free to look at mine to see what she can do http://woodclair1.wix.com/wheredyagetthat"


Debbie - Hempstead

  • "Just had my laptop fixed and now it works like new! Fantastic work Jo!"


Laura - Strood

  • "Thank you so much Jo, you've been an absolute angel and I will definitely be recommending you to everybody!!  Can't thank you enough for your time! Hope all goes well with you and your back and bits!! You'll be hearing from me again soon!"


Hayley - Hempstead

  • "U r one in a million and laid it on the line and in English lol - thank u!"


Carole - Hempstead

  • "You are worth your weight in gold Jo Stacey, thanks so much for sorting my energy out, very very very much appreciated!"


Hannah - Hempstead

  • "I never normally go on our home computer because it's normally so slow so use laptop but had to because needed printer... And it is super fast now thanks to you sorting it out! Fantastic job! Was amazed!"

  • "Thanks for doing such a fantastic job on my laptop. Was taking so long to do anything until you sorted it for me! It's super quick now! Thanks so much! Would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs their laptop sorting!"


Austin - Hempstead

  • "The only reason I can read this without this page keep freezing is because of Jo's great work, sorting out my computer!! It now runs like Mo Farah instead of Mo Slater (Eastenders)! Cheers Jo!"


Yegi - Hempstead
  • "Thank you Jo for updating my computer and sat-nav. Saved me the time and bother and keeping me up to date."
  • "Thank you for cleaning up my computer - running much faster now."


Clare - Hempstead

  • "Thank you Jo for all your research and finding me a much better deal on my energy bills. The projected saving covers the cost of flights for another weekend away."


Debbie - Wigmore

  • "Over £600 saving on my fuel bills.....bloody good job and worth much more than the £10 fee!"


June - Lordswood

  • "Your help to Pete and myself was great and I hope you keep helping others, you are so good at it."


Sonya - Hempstead

  • "Thank you! Thank you!! Not only did you save me time you also saved me money. Jo came to my house, organised my bank accounts to get the best deals. Also she noticed my boys' passports were out of date, so she organised that too in no time at all - Jo even took the photos! If you need to get organised, Jo's the lady to help."