When taking hand luggage on a flight, it’s really important to check the airline’s restrictions before you leave home - they vary enormously and you don’t want to be shocked with an excess baggage fine before you’ve even started spending on holiday! Check luggage restrictions on popular airlines here.


If off on holiday or your child is going on a school trip and you need to budget wisely, a Prepaid Card could be for you. Load funds onto the card in advance and spend with it in the same way as a credit/debit card, without the risk of over-spending - though be aware that some sort of small fee will almost always be charged, depending on which card you go for.


If you're asked whether you want to pay in local currency or Pounds Sterling when using a credit card abroad, it is almost always wise to pay in local currency. If you choose to pay in Pounds, the retailer will use their own conversion rate which is very likely to be weighted in their favour.

Next time you fly, be sure to book airport parking in advance – it’s almost guaranteed to be cheaper, even for that day! See mse.me/holpark


If you have items lost or stolen while on holiday, did you know you don’t have to provide receipts for your belongings when making a claim to your insurer? If they insist you do, you can refuse and state you will report their organisation to the Financial Ombudsman Service if they still won’t budge.


Before booking a holiday, check that your tour operator or travel agent is signed up to a holiday protection scheme such as the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and Air Travel Organisers’ licensing (ATOL) or The Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO).


Ensure you buy travel insurance as soon as you book any flights or a holiday, which will give you extra protection should something go wrong.


If using a smartphone abroad, be sure to turn off Data Roaming so no data can be used without you being aware. If you want to go online, just turn it on but ensure you turn if off again once you're done.


If you're planning on using your mobile abroad, call your provider to ask if there's a cheap Roaming package available to you at a low cost, to prevent shock bills when you return home.


If you book through a travel agent, be aware that your contract is with the holiday provider & not the travel agent.


Be aware that online flight prices can change every few minutes, so if you’ve found a quote for a flight and go away to think about it, that price could change for or against you at any time. Also take into account that there may be additional charges for luggage, seat selection etc.


Did you know that drinking alcohol while abroad can invalidate your travel insurance? Your insurer may refuse to pay out should you lose something or have an accident while under the influence.


If you book a flight and then make a separate hotel or car hire booking within 24 hours from the same travel website, you now get ATOL protection, just as with a package holiday (this doesn’t apply to bookings via airlines).


Apparently, flights booked 59 days in advance are cheaper on average, as is flying on a Tuesday, so if you’re looking to get away for the Easter holidays, you may want to start looking now!


If you're a frequent train traveller, it could pay you to give MoneySavingExpert.com's 'Tickety-Split' tool a visit when booking online - it could save you a few quid!


Next time you’re planning on hiring a car here or abroad, take note that you don’t have to buy the insurance from the hire company.  Compare car hire insurance prices on MoneyMaxim to get the best deal you can.


If you’re travelling and need to use a taxi, get an estimate of the expected fare from worldtaximeter.com to avoid being overcharged.


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