If you need advice on anything to do with money, contact the Money Advice Service, an independent organisation set up by the Government offering free, unbiased advice on all money matters.


Unsure whether you qualify for benefits? Click to access a Benefits Calculator that should tell you what you need to know.


If you ever come across criminal content online, i.e. child abuse images, please report it immediately to the Internet Watch Foundation.


Hate calling companies & struggling to get to speak to an actual human being who can help? Visit gethuman.com, type the name of the company you want to contact and follow their instructions - definitely worth a try I reckon!


A fascinating tool if you’re thinking about career prospects – choose a job title from the menus and it will estimate how much in demand that occupation is expected to be in the year 2020.


Need to ring a premium rate number but not sure of the cost? Use this Premium Rate Number Checker to find out.


Unsure what your tax code means? Have a look at HMRC's guide 'Tax Codes - the Basics' for a (hopefully) understandable explanation.


If you want to know the exact date you’ll reach State Pension Age and how much you’ll get in today’s money, see HMRC's State Pension Calculator.


If you need to save for something but have no idea what spare cash you have each month, use this handy ‘Budget Planner’ tool to give you a better idea of where your money goes and which areas you can save.